Surveillance capitalism is boring. It’s passé because it’s literally the past — the past 15 years.

Let's ensure it doesn't remain our present and future.

Time to yeet this ish.

What’s yeet?

Yeet is a junto-style, invite-only discourse club and community of practice for ****builders, funders, communicators, and enthusiasts steering the web3 conversation on crypto 🤝 privacy, identity, consent, sovereignty, and agency.

Yeeters engage in open dialogue, pressure-test new ideas, develop frameworks of thought, help in the adoption of technical standards, learn together, and share career opportunities in a curated, high-trust, low-noise, good-faith setting.

<aside> 💡 A discourse club is like a dinner club except diners devour concepts instead of canapés. Just like a great dinner, participants share common values, debate vigorously, disagree respectfully, engage honestly, enjoy each other’s company, and want to see others succeed. 🤌


Internally, we host conversations that push boundaries, interrogate dominant web3 paradigms, and incubate ideas behind closed doors. Yeeters are encouraged to experiment with and refine their ideas before publicizing more fully-formed concepts that steer the public conversation on **crypto 🤝 privacy.**

Externally, we focus attention and human capital on foundational initiatives and infrastructure projects that build the primitives necessary for an anti-authoritarian, agentic, and self-sovereign internet where users own their data, their choices, and their cognitive consent.

Together, our goals are trifold:

  1. Shift the crypto conversation toward privacy and dignity
  2. Make it easier for builders to coordinate and conspire
  3. Secure an agentic technological future

Lexicon (every subculture needs its lingo!)

What’s the TL;DR mission?

Surveillance capitalism is not a product of a particular business model (e.g. Facebook, social media).

It is a product of four specific forces: